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Dryer Repair

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of not cleaning out your dryer lint, but did you know that a defective clothes dryer could put your home at risk of serious safety hazards, including fires? It’s true. If you ignore issues including overheating or inability to heat at all, you’re not only missing out on the convenience of a functioning dryer, you might also be dodging problems such as clogged vents or faulty filters. For safe and sound home dryer repairs, contact Superior Appliance Services without delay. One call to us is all it takes to get to the bottom of your dryer repair problems and put your mind, as well as your day-to-day laundry routine, at ease. Our goal is to give you high-quality dryer repair help at some of the lowest prices in Westchester County, so you never have to bother with hauling your wet clothes to a coin-operated facility or hanging them one-by-one on a rack.  

While some washer/dryer repair businesses provide service for only a few specific brands, Superior Appliance Services covers the industry to extend our expert assistance to just about all major makes and models of modern-day home appliances. In fact, we’re authorized directly from the factory to carry out dryer repairs on such well-known name-brand appliances as Electrolux, Speed Queen, Viking, and more. We’re also proficient in both electric dryer repair and gas dryer repair, and our technicians use only the finest replacement parts available, backed by the protection of manufacturers’ warranties.

From Maytag dryer repair to GE dryer repair, you can depend on Superior Appliance Services's technicians to bring you clear-cut diagnostics and impeccable customer service every step of the way. By staying on top of the latest techniques and trends in the residential appliance industry, our dryer repair professionals can promise you some of the safest, most up-to-date tools and training for dealing with:

  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Fried heating elements
  • Crumbling door gaskets
  • Broken door switches
  • Faulty electronic ignitions
  • Worn drum belts and bearings
  • Damaged motors
  • And more

If you’re looking for ways to trim expenses around your house—and who isn’t these days!—consider this: Dryer repair is almost always less expensive and disruptive than buying a whole new appliance. Add in the simple truth that many residential dryer repairs are as straightforward as changing out a single part or making a necessary adjustment, and you have every reason to contact Superior Appliance Services right away. With our incredibly reasonable rates on quality dryer repair, we could save you hundreds of dollars off the cost of total replacement and even extend the life of your current appliance.

So why sacrifice safety or spend more than you need to on professional dryer repair? Wherever you reside in the Mt. Pleasant area, from Westchester County to Greenwich, Connecticut, the sooner you contact Superior Appliance Services, the faster we can ensure you get safe and cost-effective dryer repairs. Give us a call today to talk to one of our licensed and insured dryer repair specialists. We're standing by to help!

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